O que encontrei dentro do baú.

Sid and Nancy on New York cable TV, 1978 tinyurl.com/5hjcdc

Madonna at the Danceteria, 1982 tinyurl.com/6p77zf

Oasis's TV debut with 'Supersonic', 1994 tinyurl.com/6oda2n

The Who and Hendrix equipment smashing, 1968 tinyurl.com/6fprx5

Aretha Franklin's Lady Soul TV Special, 1968 tinyurl.com/6zt2gh

Joy Division do 'Shadowplay', 1978 tinyurl.com/6kmsb9tinyurl.com/5etuma

Joan Baez and Bob Dylan sing 'With God on Our Side', 1963 tinyurl.com/5w68vs

Nirvana rehearse in a garage, 1988 tinyurl.com/22alpd

James Brown and Pavarotti sing 'This Is A Man's World', 2002 tinyurl.com/2bwu5q

The Beatles Rooftop Concert, 1969 tinyurl.com/2fmj2x
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