O promíscuo Franz Kafka.

O artigo reza assim: «Um pilha de pornografia explícita que Franz Kafka subscreveu surgiu, pela primeira vez, depois de ter sido ignorado pelos escolásticos estudiosos, ansiosos por preservar a imagem icónica de escritor » Ler mais ? Aqui e aqui.

«Even today, the pornography would be “on the top shelf”, Dr Hawes said, noting that his American publisher did not want him to publish it at first. “These are not naughty postcards from the beach. They are undoubtedly porn, pure and simple. Some of it is quite dark, with animals committing fellatio and girl-on-girl action… It’s quite unpleasant.»

«They include images of a hedgehog-style creature performing fellatio, golem-like male creatures grasping women’s breasts with their claw-like hands and a picture of a baby emerging from a sliced-open leg»
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